Organizing Security Operations for OT

Recommendations on setting up a security operations team

SEGRID Security Operations Model

Capability model for developing security operations for Operational Technology (OT) systems

Darktrace – First Impressions

First impressions of the Darktrace sensor from a StedIn pilot.

New Sensors to Monitor OT Security

Capabilities and limitations of network-based sensors for OT

OT Security Monitoring Architecture

Reference functional architecture for a security monitoring system for Operational Technology (OT)

OT Security Monitoring Market Survey

Broad market survey of SIEM systems, intrusion detection systems, and vulnerability scanners

Test Report Nozomi

Results of the lab test of the Nozomi SCADA Guardian sensor

Test Report Cyberbit

Results of the lab test of the Cyberbit SCADAShield sensor

Test Report SecurityMatters

Results of the lab test of the SecurityMatters Silent Defense sensor

Martem RTU Vulnerability Analysis

ENCS’s opinion on the recent Martem TELEM-GW6/GWM vulnerability and its impact on the DSOs