Cyber security training

During our cyber security trainings, our security experts are happy to share our decade’s worth of experience in security programs. Always happy to share their knowledge and experience with you during one of our cyber security training sessions.

Trainings for OT systems specialists

We have developed two in-depth courses for professionals specialising in the security of operational technology (OT) systems:

  • Our training for security operations analysts teaches you how to detect vulnerabilities and incidents in OT systems.
  • Our training for security architects teaches you how to select technical security measures for OT systems.

These cyber security training sessions are open to all our members. The goal is twofold: you’ll gain expertise, but you also get a chance to network with peers from other members’ companies.

Trainings for non-specialists in OT systems

But you don’t have to be a security professional to attend our trainings. Do you come across operational technology (OT) systems, and do you want to learn more about them? We offer additional cyber security trainings for non-specialists:

  • During our awareness sessions, we demonstrate the security risks in OT systems to raise awareness about security risks and teach you and your colleagues how your own policies and processes can mitigate these. We can tailor these sessions to specific profiles, from top management to engineers in the field.
  • Our Red Team – Blue Team training is a highly popular team-based training in which you can experience a cyber-security incident. The training simulates ‘attack and defense’ in a realistic grid operator environment.
  • We’re currently developing cyber security training sessions for engineers that showcase the security risks of substations, and teach them how they can mitigate these.

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