Cyber security consulting services

ENCS provides cyber security consulting services to help you implement the results of our security programs. Each project is unique and defined together with you to make sure we meet your specific needs.

Wat can ENCS do for you?

We offer a variety of cyber security consulting services. Example projects include:

  • performing risk assessments for the implementation of an information security management system
  • supporting procurement projects by customising requirements, evaluating supplier responses, or conducting interviews
  • supporting the implementation of improved security zoning

Our cyber security consultants specialise in critical infrastructure security at grid operators. Since our people work on many different projects and security programs throughout the years, they accumulate experience quickly. This means that our people bring a lot of expertise on board when you consult our cyber security consulting services.  

For whom?

Full members get 10 free days of cyber security consulting and a 25% discount on any days above that.

Information & knowledge sharing members can use our consulting services at full price. ENCS also offers consulting services to non-members in specific cases.

Contact us to find out more about the possibilities.




Benefits of ENCS

Almost 10 years of experience

Specialists in critical infrastructure security at grid operators

Joint knowledge of other members through security programs