WP-006-2018: OT Security Sensors – Market Survey

In recent years, sensors have come on the market to monitor the security of Operational Technology (OT) systems. A previous market survey, identified a new category of OT security sensors, characterized by two capabilities. The first is flow whitelisting. The systems can make a map of normal network traffic and report any deviations from it. The second is OT deep-packet inspection. The systems can parse OT communication protocols looking for unusual message types or parameters.

This report present the results of a market survey of this new category of OT Security Sensors. The market survey found five such system with a track record in the electricity sector:

  1. Security Matters – Silent Defense
  2. Nozomi Networks – SCADA Guardian
  3. Cyberbit – SCADAShield
  4. CyberX – XSense
  5. Rhebo – Rhebo Industrial Protector

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