Security operations program 2022

ENCS organises its knowledge development in 3 programs: policy, architecture, and operations. Below, you can explore what we have planned in these areas for 2022.

The security operations program 2022 aims to create an active community of security operations analysts at ENCS members that can share operational information about vulnerabilities, threats, and recommendations on how to address them. Discover below what ENCS will focus on during the security operations program 2022.

OT SOC analyst community

We will start a community for SOC analysts at our members. A roundtable will be set up for this community combined with regular information sharing videoconferences.

OT SOC maturity model

We will develop a maturity model specifically aimed at OT SOCs, building on the work in the member project on security monitoring. The model will consider the specific challenges, restrictions, and technologies in the OT domain.

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