Security architecture program 2023

ENCS organises its knowledge development in 3 programs: policy, architecture, and operations. Below, you can explore what we have planned in these areas for 2023.

The security architecture program aims to develop and share knowledge to security architects and others responsible for technical security measures. It covers the design of secure systems and setting security requirements for procuring secure components. In 2023, ENCS will continue to develop its security requirement sets, further aligning them with European development. Discover below what ENCS will focus on during the security architecture program 2023.

Security Requirements

In 2022, we updated three of our requirements sets:

  • Substation automation
  • Distribution automation
  • EV charging infrastructure

The requirements were aligned with the IEC 62443 standard, so that they can be certified against when schemes based on IEC 62443 become available.

Some work still needs to be done to get the requirements sets adopted. The substation automation requirements are now under review by ENTSO-E and the EU DSO entity, so that they may be formally adopted under the network code for cybersecurity. Some changes may still come out of the review.

For the distribution automation, we will hold a review round with our members, as the requirements were not yet available for the workshop last year. For the EV charging requirements, we plan to hold a consultation with charge point operators, manufacturers, and other involved parties through ElaadNL. ElaadNL is also organizing a pilot to certify against the requirements, which we will support to get further feedback on them.

We will also develop updated requirements sets in the IEC 62443 format for the following areas:

  • Smart metering
  • SCADA systems

Each update consists of three documents: a threat analysis, system-level requirements, and component-level requirements.

For the smart metering requirements, we will try to work together with Oesterreichs Energie and with the EU DSO entity. For the SCADA requirements, we will try to work together with ENTSO-E, the EU DSO entity, and possibly T&D Europe.

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