National Grid Gas Transmission and National Grid Electricity Transmission become newest members of ENCS

National Grid Gas Transmission (NGGT) and National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) are part of National Grid plc which is one of the world’s largest investor owned energy utilities, committed to delivering electricity and gas safely, reliably and efficiently to the customers and communities it serves.

NGGT and NGET have become the latest members of the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS). NGGT owns and operates the high-pressure gas transmission network in Great Britain and, as the Gas System Operator, is responsible for ensuring that supply and demand are balanced in real time on a day-to-day basis. NGET owns the high voltage transmission network in England and Wales and is responsible for ensuring electricity is transported safely and efficiently from where it is produced.

They are the first UK-headquartered member of the ENCS network, though the organisations have collaborated previously through industry bodies such as ENTSO-E.

ENCS already works on cybersecurity with a wide variety of utilities across Europe in electricity and gas, at both the distribution and transmission levels, sharing knowledge and expertise, collaborating on capacity building, conducting training, and providing security testing and standards for various components such as electric vehicle charge points and smart meters (electricity and gas).

Paul Lee, Engineering Manager for Cyber and Control Systems at National Grid said: “We have robust cybersecurity measures in place across all our operational infrastructure and IT to protect against cyber threats, but our membership will help us to benefit from ENCS knowledge base as we share information with other members, contributing to increased protection across all critical infrastructure”.

Anjos Nijk, Managing Director, ENCS, comments: “National Grid already ranks among the most sophisticated TSOs in terms of cyber security, and by joining ENCS, it demonstrates its commitment to that improving even further – and of course, brings a wealth of experience to the table that our members will benefit from.”

“We have extended our work at the TSO level in recent years, working closely with ENTSO-E and welcoming Elering to the network earlier this year. With National Grid joining our network, we deepen our ties with this crucial layer of critical energy infrastructure, as well as expanding the network more substantially into the UK and gas markets. The energy sector is only becoming more interconnected, and it is vital those of us looking to protect it do the same.”

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