ENCS workshop on procuring secure equipment and hardware security

ENCS is organizing a joint workshop on the member projects on procuring secure equipment and hardware security on November 25 and 26, close to Schiphol airport.

On the first day, participants will take further steps towards harmonizing the security requirements for different type of components, such as RTUs, smart meters, EV chargers as well as sensors and IoT devices. ENCS will present results from the RTU market survey and discuss the suggestions regarding a secure architecture and requirements. Based on these, the goal is to start development of the testing plans and processes.

The second day will center around hardware security, a new ENCS member project. Specifically, we aim to discuss hardware risks for smart meters and substation distribution automation, as faced by our members. Participants will begin the development of hardware requirements and be given a testing demo to showcase the vulnerability of select components.

If you are a member representative and are interested in participating in this joint workshop, please get in touch with us by November 20.

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