In-person events – 2nd half 2022

Below you can see an overview and description of the physical events and trainings planned for the second half of 2022

After the summer break, ENCS will organize a series of events and trainings. Some of the events are open to ENCS members only, and others, like the trainings, are open to non-members. To find out more about the events click on the event name.

If you would like to participate in any of the events, send an email to or fill in the contact form below.

29 September: Strategy Assembly


ENCS boasts an independent Strategic Advisory Board with seasoned executives. The ENCS management board can request them to provide advice on the strategic planning and decision-making process.

11 October: 14th Security roundtable


The roundtable brings together security experts working at grid operators to share information with peers in a trusted group setting. During the event, members will give presentations on different security topics that are of utmost importance at grid operators.

The SOC analyst roundtable brings together analysts working at the security operations centers of our members to share information with their peers in a trusted setting.

18-19 October: Security architecture training


The ENCS security architecture training teaches participants how to select technical security measures for Operational Technology (OT) systems. Participants learn how to assess the security risks to OT systems, and how to choose measures to mitigate them.

27 October: Security requirements workshop


ENCS has been working on updating the security requirement documents for distribution automation (DA) and substation automation (SA) since last year. The main goals of this new release were to align with the IEC 62443 standard, to make it easier to use them in tenders for multiple components and to allow the requirements to be used in future OT certification schemes.

During the workshop, we would like to do an in-depth review with our members.

8-9 November: Security operations training


During the security operations training, participants learn how to detect vulnerabilities and incidents in OT systems by choosing the right sensors, learning how to configure them an selecting monitoring use cases.

22 November: ISMS Expert Group


The ISMS expert group will bring together security officers within our members to exchange information on the implementation of ISMS for critical infrastructures.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are upcoming regulations, risk assessment methodologies, asset inventory and CMDB, supply chain security, and awareness trainings.


6 December: Central systems workshop


During the central systems workshop, security architects designing central OT systems will exchange information on topics such us securing the IT/OT interface, internal zoning for central systems or key management for OT systems.

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