ENTSO-E participants trained to better defend the critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks

ENCS has successfully finished yet another Red Team Blue Team Training. This time, ENTSO-E participants coming from across Europe were successfully trained to mitigate cyber-attacks at their work place. They learned how to use security monitoring tools to monitor the status of the network, which will allow them to respond quickly to any potential attacks and protect the critical infrastructure.


ENCS has been leading Red Team Blue Team trainings for quite some time, having trained couple of hundred participants in skills related to protection of their Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The training is designed to provide theoretical background and understanding how hacking attacks work. The participants also learn how to protect the systems. The third day, the most interesting for all, the participants are divided into two teams – Blue and Red team. Blue team has a mission to protect the ICS while the Red Team is entrusted with the mission to hack the ICS and cause damages to the factory and company. Each team receives points based on their successfulness in fulfilling the mission.


“We have delivered many trainings in the past, but each training brings something new. This is always a great learning opportunity for us as well”, noted Maarten Hoeve, one of the trainers and Head of Technical Team at ENCS. “Each participant has different views on things, and the questions we get really help us improve the course. By doing this we ensure that new participants get the best and up-to-date training in the protection of ICS. Having skilled employees will ensure that your systems are well protected, and that potential attack is discovered in time and promptly dealt with.”


Participants have similar views on the training. Jos Weyers, training coordinator and participant from TenneT, noted “For me, this is the second time I attend the ENCS training, and I can say that each time I learned new things. From what I hear from my colleagues who participated, the training was helpful and taught them how to react and deal with the real-life attacks. For all of them, it was very interesting to put themselves in the position of hackers and learn how they perform their attacks. Some of them were not tech savvy, but still they managed to learn a lot and understand that there are different roles within the defence team. So even if you are not a tech person, you can still contribute to the safety of your company. We need to continue and train ourselves to strengthen our cyber security defence even more”


ENCS will continue organising similar training events, and will work on enabling information and knowledge sharing amongst its Members and Partners. Only through collaboration and joint work we can ensure our systems are secure.

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