Enel hosts ENCS General Assembly in Milan

On the 28th January 2020 in Milan, ENCS held its annual General Assembly to look back on the work completed and results achieved in 2019 and to look forward at the key ENCS initiatives for 2020.

In 2019 ENCS continued to strengthen its community with new members from both the DSO and TSO domains, with a TSO representative joining the DSO representatives in the ENCS Assembly Committee and the launch of an independent Strategic Advisory Board.

The Assembly praised the growth in knowledge development in ENCS security programs for policy, architecture and operations, demonstrated in 2019 with over thirty new member portal contributions with security best practices and twenty ENCS community events with high attendance levels.

Some of the highlights included:

  • Best practice guide on Information Security Management System
  • Updated Distribution Automation, Electric Vehicle Charging and Smart Meter security requirements
  • Embedded device hardware testing was added to the testing portfolio
  • First EV charging stations were tested against the ENCS security requirements
  • Customised training for SCADA and substation engineers, as well as awareness, architecture, secure configuration and Red Team Blue Team training

The Assembly approved the work program for 2020, which will focus on preparations for the Network Code – Cybersecurity and the Cybersecurity Act.

The 2020 agenda covers:

  • Mitigation of DER security risks, central systems security (including SCADA and using cloud for OT systems)
  • Vendor based testing and certification
  • New security requirements sets will be launched and the existing will be updated
  • New incident response exercises and the start of a dedicated roundtable for SOC analysts
  • Revisit of substation security monitoring from a distributed setup perspective
  • Update on OT security sensors requirements

ENCS will continue to work with members and partners to support their implementation and deployment of the ENCS Best Practices.

An extensive program of community events and security training will run throughout the year, with the events being announced via the ENCS website. We invite you all to participate in our activities  and look forward to working with you this year!

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