ENCS Webinars Q2 2024

Just like previous years, ENCS is organizing a series of webinars to keep you up to date on cybersecurity developments at the EU level that will affect grid operators and to introduce you to new topics we have been working on in our programs.

This year, we will have webinars and workshops. During the webinars, ENCS will present a topic and, if attendees want to ask any questions or discuss something, they will have the oportunity to do so. During the workshops, ENCS will present a topic and attendees are expected to participate in the discussion around the topic.

The webinars are held every Wednesday at 11:00 CEST. They are an hour long each and open to ENCS members only.

The table below shows the schedule for the upcoming webinars. ENCS members can find more information and register for the individual webinars by clicking on the links below:

3 April 2024Webinar: Product requirements and certification under EU legislation (Register here)
17 April 2024Workshop: Defining reference architectures for upcoming certification (Register here)
8 May 2024Workshop: Updating the SCADA system requirements according to IEC 62443 (Register here)
29 May 2024Webinar: How are grid operators using OT sensors? (Register here)
12 June 2024Workshop: Updating the EV charging infrastructure requirements according to IEC 62443 (Register here)
26 June 2024Webinar: Not all grid operators face the same threats – Cybersecurity risk in gas and electricity (Register here)

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