ENCS to participate in Horizon Europe project “eFORT”

ENCS will participate in the following four years in the Horizon Europe project called “Establishment of a FramewORk for Transforming current EPES into a more resilient, reliable and secure system all over its value chain” (eFORT). The kick-off of the project took place on September 20th and 21st in Zaragoza, Spain.

eFORT is a project that aims to make European power grids more resilient and resistant to failures, cyberattacks, physical disturbances and data privacy issues. It includes the demonstration of the solutions developed throughout the project at TSO, DSO, substation and consumer level. The consortium is formed by twenty-three organizations from Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Cyprus, Germany and Norway.

ENCS main contributions will be in the assessment of cascading effects and the development of resilience capabilities, and the creation of a vulnerability database and training exercises. Regulatory recommendations based on the project results will be part of the ENCS deliverables.

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