ENCS starts member project on DER security

ENCS has started a member project on the security of Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Power generation is being integrated in the electricity grid with more and more power coming from DER, such as solar and wind farms. Grid operators need to monitor and eventually control these DER for safety or regulatory reasons.

The stability of the electricity grid is thus becoming dependent on DER operators and the communication between grid operators and DER operators. This creates new cyber security risks. By attacking a DER operator’s infrastructure, grid stability can be disrupted, and through connected DER systems it might be possible to attack grid operator systems.

Member project on DER security

The goal of the member project is to define which measures DER and grid operators should take to sufficiently mitigate security risks to the electricity grid. The security measures will be determined by performing a risk assessment at system level, as in previous ENCS member projects on requirements.

ENCS members Alliander, EDP Distribuição, ENEL, Enexis, and Stedin have joined the project. ENCS will involve DER operators and manufacturers of DER equipment and systems in the project. Project deliverables will be shared with ENCS members.

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