ENCS member project on procuring secure equipment

ENCS is starting a member project on procuring secure equipment. The project has the goal to:

  • Harmonize security requirements for procuring different types of components;
  • Formalize the requirements-based testing method that ENCS has developed.

Since its founding, ENCS has supported its members to procure secure equipment. ENCS has developed security requirements for different domains, and a requirements-based testing method. Combined, these have helped members to get more secure equipment in tenders. By setting a clear and achievable standard for manufacturers, they have helped to raise the overall security level in the market.

With the member community growing, ENCS plans to scale up this approach. By harmonizing requirements, and formalizing testing, ENCS can test components once for the vendor. The test results will be usable for all members.

The project will cover four areas:

  • Distribution automation
  • Smart metering
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • IoT sensors for the grid

For each of these areas, the project will deliver:

  • a risk assessment
  • a market survey
  • a set of procurement requirements
  • a test plan to verify the requirements

ENCS invites grid operators and others who are interested in the project to contact info@encs.eu for further details.

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