ENCS at the ENTSO-E Annual conference 2017

A resilient grid: missing links and cybersecurity – such was the topic of a panel discussion at ENTSO-E’s annual conference, moderated by ENTSO-E’s Laurent Schmitt and joined by ENCS’ Anjos Nijk.

Proceedings started with a key note speech from Roberto Bayetti of California ISO, sharing his view of a fast developing threat landscape with nation state actors creating wider presence in our energy infrastructures and getting ready to act. He called for a sense of urgency and for utilities to take action in security assessments and testing, training and increasing our levels of preparedness and skills.

Afterwards the panel highlighted the need for:

– Collaboration and clearing responsibilities between the energy sector and authorities (Rene Marchal, NCTV, Dutch National Coordinator, Counterterrorism and Safety)

– Getting technology in control, being prepared when incidents happen and increasing effective collaboration between grid companies and stakeholders (Anjos Nijk, ENCS)

– Managing the required culture change and the need for standardization (Peter Vermaat, EDSO and ENEXIS)

Discussion also focused on the need to scope the increasing costs incurred with keeping up with fast developments and how this affects tariff allowances, as well as the question of whether further regulation is required when the NIS Directive becomes effective in national laws in May 2018.

Laurent Schmitt highlighted the importance of the strategic collaboration between ENTSO-E and ENCS and the set direction to train European TSO staff in Red Team Blue Team training, incident response training and security awareness education and training. Collaboration on establishing security requirements for substations for use by all European TSO in procurement and testing will be fostered as well as the development of a common approach to security monitoring in the grid domain and incident response.


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