ENCS and EDSO step up partnership to face emerging cybersecurity evolution and challenges in European smart grids

Building on two years of successful collaboration, this new step will boost technical excellence in the power distribution industry, promote efficient regulatory frameworks and provisions,      and identify solid requirements for secure grids.

On 9 June 2016, EDSO and ENCS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the view of working together on knowledge exchange for security regulations, effective cyber security practices and standardisation for energy distribution companies.

This cooperation was a success and, in addition to its initial objective, it also led to the development of a solid trust relationship, a convergence in the membership base of the two organisations and a stronger global expertise of cybersecurity issues in the European distribution industry.

Confident that this cooperation could lead to further achievements, the two organisations decided in 2018 to establish an Addendum to this MoU, which opens a large potential for collaboration in areas such as security requirements, training, regulatory recommendations and validation & testing.

This evolutionary relationship is set to deliver a large array of contributions to cybersecurity in EU power grids, such security requirements jointly endorsed by EDSO and ENCS, high-level events, position papers, technical insights.

Anjos Nijk, Managing Director, ENCS: “Our collaboration with EDSO so far has been a great success. Protecting energy grids from cyber threats requires a trusted and collaborative community. That is what we aim to provide at ENCS and our work with EDSO on security regulations, standardisation and best practice for DSOs have benefited from our close collaboration. We are both network organisations, with the goal of helping our existing and new members across Europe keep their grids secure. This strengthened partnership will help us do exactly that.

“Throughout the EU, smart & digital electricity networks have become fundamental drivers towards decarbonised societies and economies. However, while digital components and systems represent key enablers, they also open the door for emerging cyber threats. DSOs have taken this risk very seriously and this renewed partnership is another evidence of our commitment to tackle this threat as our duty to the European citizens”, said EDSO’s Secretary General, Roberto Zangrandi.

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