ENCS at IEC 62443 Week 2022 | 13-17 June | Edinburgh, UK

ENCS will participate in the upcoming IEC 62443 Week 2022. On Wednesday, June 15th, Maarten Hoeve will be speaking about certification and testing. The presentation will include an overview of the possible scope of testing and certification of components, products and systems based on IEC 62443 and the improvements required to fully meet the needs of utilities.

ENCS has a long-standing experience in developing and implementing security requirements and testing components against those requirements. Moreover, ENCS has participated in the drafting of the Network Code on Cybersecurity, which will raise the importance of component certification schemes like IEC 62443.

IEC 62443 is a series of standards that provide power grid operators with a robust framework to manage and mitigate the security vulnerabilities in their industrial control systems.

The IEC 62443 week provides a thorough exploration of IEC 62443 concepts, frameworks, and controls with an accurate representation of cybersecurity risk to the operations. By the end of this event, power grid cybersecurity leaders will be equipped and prepared to adopt IEC 62443 as part of their broader security management system, to work more systematically and cost efficiently to minimise their security risks, and to achieve their security goals more easily.

The full program can be downloaded here. For more information and registration visit the IEC 62443 Week page.

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