What can you learn from an abandoned nuclear power plant?

The 692MW Zwentendorf plant in Austria holds the unlikely title of the world’s only fully constructed, commercial nuclear power station that has never produced a watt of power!

You might not think you can learn a great deal from a plant that has never been used. But if you visited today you would have been there for ENCS’ security roundtable!

The ENCS Security Roundtable

This annual event brought together some of the brightest cyber security talents in the energy industry, from across our members. Stedin, Joulz, Enel, Enexis, Alliander, Elektrilevi, EVN and E.ON were all represented.

The technical discussions centred around the evergreen ENCS theme of how to make the European energy sector safer from a cyber security perspective. Specific conversations centred around topics such as: better securing operations, ICS security, communications infrastructure, Industroyer and the sharing of certain members’ own experiences with cyber security.

Members took away a better understanding of issues, threats and solutions which they can implement in their own organisations.

Knowledge sharing

This sharing of knowledge is a cornerstone of the ENCS philosophy: that collaboration and coordination is the only way to keep European energy grids safe.

It’s our mission to bring together key stakeholders and security experts to share their insights. This is crucial to stay up-to-speed with the rapidly evolving challenges the energy sector faces. With this roundtable, we hope to provide a secure environment in which this knowledge exchange can take place.

The ENCS Member and Partner Day: 6th October

The next opportunity to get together and share their experiences will be the annual ENCS Member and Partner Day in Amsterdam.

Less focused on specific, in-depth technical topics than the security roundtable, the conference-style event gives stakeholders a freer agenda to share knowledge and learn from one another.

We look forward to seeing members and partners in October as we continue to work together to deploy secure European critical energy grids and infrastructure. If you are interested in becoming a member, please do not hesitate to follow this link.

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