10th ENCS Roundtable in Lisbon

On 30 October, ENCS held its tenth roundtable event in Lisbon, hosted by EDP Distribuição. Started six years ago, the roundtable is an invite-only event for trusted information and knowledge sharing between ENCS members. It brings together OT security specialists from ENCS members to discuss the challenges they face. The tenth event marks a milestone for the group, showing the success of the roundtable model.

The roundtable discussed two main topics:

  1. The expansion of security monitoring to also cover the substations. Three members presented projects that showcased different ways to gain situational awareness in these critical systems.
  2. The implementation of information security management systems, in particular, ISO 27001. Many members are now implementing such systems, often including certification, to prepare for the NIS directive. Three members shared best practices and challenges.

Besides this, there were presentations about network architectures and zoning, security testing during procurement, and incident response.

The highlight of the roundtable was a visit to the EDP OT supervision center, and the EDP cyber-range.

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