Senior Embedded Security Tester

ENCS is looking for someone with a background in embedded software and hardware security testing.

Job description

In the development of the smart grid, millions of devices are being installed to monitor and control the electricity distribution grid: smart meters are installed in homes, remote terminal units (RTUs) in substations, electric vehicle charging poles in cities and along roads… It’s crucial for the reliable delivery of electricity that all these components are secure.

Senior Embedded Security testers leads teams to evaluate if devices installed in the grid are secure. This work consists of two activities:

  • Testing components: ENCS offers its members harmonized sets of requirements to procure smart meters, RTUs and EV chargers to ensure that the components they use are secure. These requirements cover all aspects needed to operate a device in an end-to-end secure manner, from encryption and authentication to access control and logging. It’s up to the security testers to assess if the devices are secure. Embedded security testers are responsible for testing these devices, and improving the tests and the testing tools.
  • Penetration testing operational systems: Once a grid operator has procured devices with the right security functionality, it’s important that they are used securely. That’s why ENCS performs penetration tests on the entire chain from the central systems to the devices in the field. The Senior embedded security tester assesses the security of the deployed devices by their configuration, use and traffic.

Required skills

For the role of Senior Embedded Security Tester, we’re looking for someone with the following skills:

  • At least 5 years experience in penetration testing
  • Bachelor or Masters in a relevant field, for instance, computer science or electronics
  • Experience in developing software for embedded devices
  • Understanding communication protocols
  • Programming experience in C and Python
  • Excellent reporting skills and the ability to summarize and present findings
  • Experience in supervising project teams
  • Experience working with customers in a commercial setting
  • Curious and willing to learn
  • Fluency in English (spoken and written)
  • Linux proficiency

Additional useful skills are:

  • Experience in automating common tasks
  • Fluency in a second major European language
  • Knowledge of protocols such as DLMS, IEC 60870-5-104 or MMS

About ENCS

When infrastructure is critical, so is its security. With an ever more connected electricity grid, cyber security challenges are multiplying every day and demand a new way of thinking from security professionals.

Founded in 2012, the European Network for Cyber security (ENCS) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the security of critical energy infrastructures across Europe. Using our network in academia, government and business, we provide cyber security solutions and counsel to utilities and regulators.

Our offer

By joining ENCS you’ll be part of a small, international team of industry experts making a real difference to critical infrastructure cyber security developments in Europe. You’ll work across Europe from our offices in The Hague, giving you the chance to:

  • work at the forefront of new security developments. Smart grids, electric vehicles, and industrial control systems offer unique security challenges. We are in a leading position to meet these by developing new solutions, finding new classes of vulnerabilities, and setting the standard for smart grid cyber security.
  • protect society. Keeping the grid secure while it is increasingly automated is critical if our society is to transition to renewable energy. ENCS has a unique position to act on behalf of our members to make sure their systems are secure.
  • develop your skills in an international environment. ENCS is a small company taking on big challenges. That creates a unique environment for ambitious talent to grow and take on new responsibilities.


  • An attractive salary (EUR 4.600 – EUR 7.500 gross a month based on experience)
  • Health insurance contribution
  • Pension contribution
  • Mobility budget
  • Laptop and mobile phone

Interested in joining us?

We hope so. Please submit your CV and a supporting cover letter in English outlining why you want to work For ENCS by e-mail to:

Please note that an employee screening is part of the interview process. All employees of ENCS need to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate/Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).