Webinar: Update on EU regulations


The European Commission is working on several cybersecurity regulations that will affect the electricity sector. In this webinar, we will give an update on the development of these regulations.

The two main topics will be the network code on cybersecurity and the cyber resilience act.

A new version of the network code should be published in September 2023 for public consultation. We will review the changes and their possible impact on grid operators.

The cyber resilience act has now entered the so-called Trilogue. After the Commisions version of the act published last year, the European Parliament and Council have now also published their versions. In the Trilogue, these versions should be merged into one final version before the new European elections in the spring of 2024. We will discuss the differences between the Commission, Council, and Parliament versions and what these differences could mean for grid operators.

ENCS members can download the presentation slides with the link to the webinar recording below.