Webinar: Securely connecting to distributed energy resources


Distribution system operators (DSOs) are connecting more and more distributed energy resources, such as solar and wind parks, to the distribution grid. In many cases, this leads to congestion during peaks in generation. To manage this congestion, some DSOs are looking to curtail the power from these parks if there is not enough capacity in the grid. They are connecting park controllers and inverters of the DER to their control systems, so that they can request to reduce generation.

These connections lead to new security risks. The inverters or park controllers of the DER operator are being connected to critical systems at the DSO, such as RTUs or the SCADA system. This creates new attack vectors into the core OT systems of the DSO.

In this webinar, we will analyze what these risks are, and discuss what measures DSOs can take to mitigate them. This presents an update of the results from the member project on DER from 2020:

ENCS members can download the invitations for the policy program webinars here.