Webinar: Network coud on Cybersecurity is out!


The European Commission has published the final version of the network code on cybersecurity.

EU electricity supply – sector-specific rules on cybersecurity (network code) (europa.eu)

The feedback from the public consultation has been incorporated and the code has been translated in all official EU languages.

The European Parliament and Council now have two to four months to object to the network code. No changes can be made during the objection period.

The changes made since the public consultation in October last year are minor. The timelines for implementation have been somewhat shortened by developing the minimum and advanced cybersecurity controls based on the Union-wide risk assessment. Still, it will take several years before entities have to implement these controls.

During this webinar, we provide an overview of the contents of the network code, the changes since the public consultation version, and the timelines for implementation.

ENCS Members can download the slides presented during the webinar in the link below: