ENCS architecture training [FULL]


The session in May is fully booked

Good news! There is a new session planned for October. Check out the event and sign up below!

The ENCS security architecture training teaches you how to select technical security measures for Operational Technology (OT) systems. You learn how to assess the security risks to OT systems, and how to choose measures to mitigate them.

Furthermore, our security architecture training teaches you a reusable approach to designing security architectures for OT systems. Our approach is based on the ISO 27005 and IEC 62443 standards, and was developed in the member projects on distribution automation, electric vehicles charging, and substation automation. ENCS has used this approach with individual members to design new systems, or redesign existing systems.

Who should attend the security architecture training?

The training is useful to anyone who is responsible for choosing technical security measures for OT systems. This includes:

  • IT, network, and solution architects doing work on OT systems
  • System and network administrators designing OT systems
  • Security officers with a technical focus on OT

What will I learn in the training?

The training will teach you to select technical security measures for OT systems based on security risks. To do this, you will learn:

  • how to divide an OT system into security zones
  • how to assess the security risks of a design or existing system
  • how to select the security measures that
    • sufficiently reduce the security risks
    • are feasible to implement on OT systems
  • how to evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the measures
Before starting this training, you are expected to have a basic knowledge of OT systems, such as SCADA systems, and the security risks to such systems.

What is the training program?

In the training, you will work through practical cases. The cases cover the systems typically seen at grid operators and in each case, participants go through four steps:

  1. Zoning
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Selecting security measures
  4. Evaluating the implementation

The course consists of four cases: distribution automation, communication with field location, substation automation, and central systems.

Training location & dates

The training will be held on May 24 and 25 at Schiphol airport. On the evening of day 1, you can network during our ENCS dinner.

Costs of training

For full ENCS members, the costs are 1,500 euros per participant. For information and knowledge sharing members and non-members, the costs are 2,000 euros per participant.  The dinner on day 1 is included in the training price.

Want to participate?

If you would like to participate, contact us through the form below or send us an email to info@encs.eu.