This year’s ENCS General Assembly, hosted yesterday by innogy in Essen, Germany, was an opportunity to look back on breakthrough year for the network.

In terms of membership, 2017 saw ENCS expand both its scope and membership through greater cooperation with the transmission system operator (TSO) community in Europe.

On the technical side, there was great progress within ENCS on operational technology (OT) security monitoring and security testing in a variety of contexts such as electric vehicle (EV) charging points, smart meter chains and remote terminal units (RTUs).

The end of 2017 brought the relaunch of ENCS’ upgraded Red Team-Blue Team (RTBT) training programme. The new-look training environment signifies a full electricity grid and represents known real-world attacks, including the Ukraine incidents of recent years. RTBT now represents the most realistic and comprehensive cyber security training in the energy sector and the responses from early trainees has been hugely encouraging.

Looking ahead to 2018, the ENCS community will focus on policy, architecture and operations, addressing NIS Directive best practices, primary substation and electric vehicle charging security, further role-based training and incident analysis. It might just be another breakthrough year!