EV-301-2022: Security requirements for procuring EV charging stations [DRAFT]

This document gives security requirements that Charge Point Operators (CPO) can use when procuring new charging stations.

CPOs are controlling increasingly more electrical load. To support the rapid growth in electric vehicles (EVs), hundreds of thousands of charging stations are being placed throughout Europe, most of them being remotely controlled by CPOs. In this way, larger CPOs are already controlling hundreds of megawatts of demand, comparable to a large gas power plant. And the controlled load will only grow in the future.

To mitigate the potential risks, ENCS and ElaadNL created in 2019 a set of requirements that CPOs could use in their procurement documents for charging stations. In 2022, ENCS has created an updated version to harmonize ENCS requirements, include the security context and to include a mapping to IEC 62443.

This document provides a harmonized set of security requirements that charge point operators use directly in their procurement documents for charging stations. They are designed to fit into the processes and procedures already in place in the organizations and to find a good balance between security and the operational impact.