The European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) is a non-profit member organization that brings together critical infrastructure stake owners and security experts to deploy secure European critical energy grids and infrastructure. Founded in 2012, ENCS has dedicated researchers and test specialists who work with members and partners on applied research, defining technical security requirements, component and end-to-end testing, as well as education & training.

Become a member

The Members of ENCS are our owners, as critical infrastructure operators and national Distribution and Transport System Operators (DSO/TSO), their needs in the area of cyber security protection is where our priorities lie. We work in close collaboration all our Members on various projects, with the focus today on Smart Metering and Smart Grid.

The benefits for an organization to becoming a Member of ENCS are:

  • Becoming a member of the ENCS trusted community
  • Voting right on the ENCS strategy and priorities
  • Acquire top talent, sharing costs with other members
  • Exclusive ENCS trusted platform access
  • Trusted Peer Interaction and Information Exchange
  • Access to ENCS resources at reduced rate

Become a partner

Our members jointly work to improve the cyber resilience of critical infrastructures in energy distribution and other critical sectors. Interested parties can engage with ENCS via membership and/or contractual relationships.
Benefits to becoming a Partner of ENCS:

  • Access to the ENCS community, information and knowledge
  • Organize workshop events for members and partners to collaberate on identified subjects and activities
  • Incorporate latest theoretical advances into real world environments