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Created by Esther van Velzen

ENCS Security Architecture Training

2-day Training  – The Netherlands

By conducting projects with members, ENCS has gained extensive experience in designing risk-based security architectures for OT systems. From this, we have developed a reusable approach, based on the ISO 27005 and IEC 62443 standards. We have used it in member projects to develop security requirements for distribution automation, electric vehicles charging and substation automation. And we have used it in projects for individual members to design new systems (including partially cloudbased designs), or to redesign existing systems (such as SCADA servers systems). ENCS is now making this approach available to all its members in the ENCS Security Architecture Training. The training teaches security architects how to make risk-based designs for OT systems.


Target audience: Staff responsible for choosing technical security measures and designing security architectures for OT systems, such as IT, network, and solution architects doing work in the OT domain.


  • Assess the security risks of a new system design or an existing system
  • Select technical security measures based on their risk reduction and feasibility
  • Choose methods to evaluate the effectiveness of measures, such as penetration testing or audits
  • Document the risk assessment and security architecture
  • Translate the architecture choices into requirements for procuring components


The training is based on the IEC 62443 standard, in particular the IEC 62443-3-2 and IEC 62443-3-3 parts. It shows how to apply the requirements from these parts in typical grid operator systems.


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