Management team

Anjos Nijk

Anjos Nijk is Managing Director of the European Network for Cyber security (ENCS). In addition to his duties with ENCS, he is a member of the Steering Committee of the Smart Grids Task Force of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy, member of the Cyber Security Expert Group and ENCS liaison with European associations including EDSO, ENTSO-E and EUTC.

Michael John

Michael John is Director Operations at ENCS. With his work at ENCS, Michael is fully committed to enhancing the utilities’ security and privacy landscape. Michael drives ENCS community building and information and knowledge sharing. Michael is leading several projects for ENCS in the domain of Smart Metering, Electric Vehicle and Distribution Automation security.

Maarten Hoeve

Maarten Hoeve is Director Technology at ENCS. Maarten leads ENCS developments in security governance, training, assurance and monitoring and incident response. Maarten drives ENCS membership projects and is ENCS liaison with the research community.

Office Team