Security requirements for procuring DA RTUs (draft, version 1.4)

This document specifies security requirements that grid operators can use when procuring new distribution automation (DA) remote terminal units (RTUs). The requirements can be used directly in tender documents. They cover the technical security features that the RTU should have, and the measures vendors should take to ensure the correct implementation of these features.

The document is an update of the Distribution Automation RTU Security Requirements from 2016. This is a draft version 1.4 published to collect feedback from grid operators and vendors.

Security architecture for DA systems (draft, version 0.2)

This document describes a security architecture for DA systems specifying the technical security measures grid operators can implement. The architecture can act as a blueprint for system integrators and the departments maintaining the system. The architecture is intended to be used together with an information security management system (ISMS) based on ISO 27001:2013 or similar.

DA Light Market Survey

Market survey supporting the DA Light Security Requirements

DA Light Security Requirements

Security requirements for procuring RTUs for substations that only measure, and do not switch.

ENCS DA Reference Architecture

Reference architecture supporting the distribution automation requirements

ENCS DA Threat Assessment

Threat assessment supporting the distribution automation requirements

Distribution Automation RTU Security Requirements

This catalog describes security requirements for procuring secure distribution automation Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The RTUs are a critical part in distribution automation systems because they act as access points in the substation and control the grid equipment.

The catalog describes: devices security, security requirements for end-to-end secured communication between the RTU and the central systems, and for processes the vendor should implement to keep the RTU secure during its lifecycle.

The requirements have been developed by ENCS in the member project on distribution automation security.