The ENCS testing helps to verify that security measures have been implemented correctly.

  • Components can be tested in the ENCS test lab
  • Systems can be tested on-site

Testing components in the ENCS test lab

The ENCS test lab tests the security of smart grid components against requirements. The lab can test:

  • Smart meters
  • Data concentrators
  • Remote terminal units (RTUs)
  • Electric vehicle charge points

Tests are performed using clearly defined test cases, linked to the requirements. This type of testing is especially well-suited for acceptance testing during procurments.

More information on the ENCS test lab

Testing complete systems on-site

ENCS can test the security of complete systems in on-site penetration tests. ENCS specializes in operational technology (OT) and smart metering systems.

ENCS can perform:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Network architecture reviews
  • Web application testing
  • Operating system security audits
  • Database security audits

Testing is performed as a time-boxed activity. The scope and activities are agreed with the grid operator.