In 2016, ENCS did a project with Elaad on electric vehicle charging security. The project delivered:

  • security requirements for procuring charge points
  • a security extension for the OCPP protocol

Key documents:

Security requirements for procuring electric vehicle charge points

The security requirements can be used to procure public EV charge points. They can be used directly in procurement documents, such as RFPs, and are based on a risk assessment. With the support of Elaad, several cities and provinces in the Netherlands have already applied them. In 2018, the requirements were reviewed and endorsed by the EDSO technology committee .

Security extension for the OCPP protocol

ENCS has supported Elaad with the security specification for OCPP 2.0. OCPP is a widely-used protocol for the communication between the charge point and central system.

The security extensions in OCPP 2.0 include:

  • Communication security using TLS
  • Mutual authentication using password or certificates
  • Updating keys and certificates over OCPP
  • Digitally signed firmware updates
  • Logging of security events to enable monitoring

ENCS continues to support OCPP to refine the security features.