ENCS works with members and partners on collaboration projects, applied research, defining technical security requirements, component and end-to-end testing, as well as information sharing, education & training.

Collaboration Projects

ENCS Collaboration Projects cover a range of Member and Partner projects from defining technical security requirements, component and end-to-end testing, security monitoring, incident response as well as education & training.

Experts from ENCS can offer advice on improving security, we do this on a daily basis with our Members, but also provide services to non-Member organizations that believe in the need to build a more secure Smart Grid across Europe.

Collaboration Projects can also be set up at different levels depending on the scope of the engagement: Overaching, Organization, Systems & Components

ENCS Security Tests Capabilities

The ENCS test lab helps to validate that security measures have been implemented correctly. Both components and complete systems can be tested.

For component testing ENCS recommends an approach based on security requirements. In this approach test cases are developed cases to establish that requirements have been implemented correctly. Test cases can be functional tests, penetration tests, or robustness tests. Suites of already developed cases are available for classes of components, such as smart meters.

  • Documentation Review
  • Functional Testing
  • Robustness Testing
  • Penetration Testing

ENCS can also test complete systems in live-like scenarios.


ENCS deliver dedicated training and we are developing training suite with simulation capabilities and web-based training. The ENCS Red Team – Blue Team training for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Smart Grid cyber security program is a 3-day classroom course, where theoretical sessions and hands-on sessions will prepare the course participants for the Red Team – Blue Team exercise (RTBT), that will take place on the 3rd day of the course.

Information and Knowledge Sharing

Part of the mission of ENCS is to bring together critical infrastructure stake owners and security experts to work together in order to deploy secure European critical energy grids that meet today’s challenges. Through our Information and Knowledge sharing service, ENCS uses its network in academia, government and business to bring these groups and our Members and Partners to work together in a secure and trusted environment.

  • Round Tables
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Portal
  • (Strategy) Assembly meetings
  • Member & Partner meeting
  • Academic Advisory Board


ENCS keeps members up to date with the latest smart grid technology through knowledge sharing. However, some security challenges require new solutions, and there’s no existing knowledge to share. When that happens, ENCS engages its research network.

ENCS partners with leading security research groups in two ways. First, ENCS brings together researchers and grid operators on its academic advisory board. Together, these groups guide the agenda of the most urgent research problems. Second, ENCS is active in both national and EU research projects, serving as a bridge between researchers and grid operators. For operators, ENCS turns problems into research questions; for researchers, it turns their results into practical solutions.


The objective of AMADEOS is to bring time awareness and evolution into the design of System-of-Systems.

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The objective of SEGRID is to protect smart grids against cyber attacks

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The objective of PREEMPTIVE is to provide an innovative solution for enhancing existing procedures and creating tools to prevent cyber attacks

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