In April 2019 ENCS delivered the second Red Team – Blue Team training to Österreichs Energie. The training was hosted in hotel Gut Brandlhof, a beautiful venue located on the Austrian mountains. 

The training started with theoretical sessions addressing the importance of cybersecurity for the electricity grids. In these sessions, grid operators learn the basics of a hacking attack, from the reconnaissance stage up to diverse attacking techniques. Before you can learn how to defend, you need to understand how hackers attack.

From the second day, the students had the opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom. This is the moment when the Red Team Blue Team started. The Blue team worked together with diverse tools to defend the energy grid from the hacking attacks by the Red team. It was definitely a day full of emotions where both teams were learning by doing in a controlled cyber attack scenario.

The importance of the training is not just teaching the technical side of a cyber attack and defense techniques. The most important part is to create awareness at grid operators of the importance to incorporate cybersecurity measures in their day-to-day operations.

Understanding the importance of cyber security in the energy sector is vital. It is becoming even more important now that we are fast progressing with transitioning electricity grids into smart grids. At ENCS we  are expanding our training program with awareness and role-based training to raise the maturity level in the energy sector. People are the key in creating a more secure and resilient energy grid.