On 9th October 2018, ENCS held its yearly Strategy Assembly meeting in Rotterdam, co-hosted with Stedin, discussing the latest developments in cyber-security for grid operators. The meeting was attended by representatives from all of ENCS’ full members. It featured presentations on cyber-crime development by Europol and Rabobank’s findings on responsible disclosure and building a cyber threat intelligence organisation.

The participants discussed the priorities for collaboration in ENCS in 2019. Four were identified:

  1. Providing support for security operations and incident response by building a community of analysts and evaluating threats, vulnerabilities and new detection technologies.
  2. Sharing best practices in setting up an information security management system, and preparing for ISO 27000 compliance.
  3. Defining a better model for procuring secure equipment and securing the supply chain.
  4. Setting up a role-based training programme to help grid operators fill the cyber-security skills gap.

ENCS will work out these priorities in its security programme for 2019 to be presented to the General Assembly on 29 January 2019 in Lisbon.