ENCS held its latest member roundtable event today, kindly hosted by ENEL at its Smart Grid Lab in Milan.

It was a fitting setting for lively, engaged debate on a range of smart grid cyber security topics. Members shared concrete insights into running security projects as well as findings from security evaluations they had conducted.

Discussions ranged from securing and monitoring SCADA and smart meter networks, to security for EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure.

To see members sharing knowledge and experience and working so closely together underlines the core principle of ENCS: that effective cyber security is built on collaboration. With the ENCS roundtable, we have established a functioning platform for sharing sensitive information so as to better protect our networks.

It has also been a day of celebration: with various new members joining the network over the last year, there were several new faces to welcome to the table!

We look forward to continuing the welcome and the spirit of collaboration over dinner with the roundtable participants this evening.