The Digital Utility is no longer part of the hype cycle! Today, utilities are needing to change to implement new regulations, improve customer services and deliver on ever improving productivity targets. This revolution in people skills, enhanced and new processes and new technology is being realised by a unique capability within each of the critical national infrastructure businesses. This unique group are the people who deliver the telecommunications connectivity that delivers the data to observe, control and maintain safe, secure and reliable electricity, gas, water and other critical infrastructure needs. These same people are empowering their organisations to change to the 21st Century service provision customers now expect. From Distribution Network Operators to Distribution Systems Operators,  from centralised command and control to distributed intelligence, from demand following to generation following, the list is endless. Come and learn how utilities are adapting to the future now, how vendors are already thinking of the next generation of solutions and how the industry is responding to the transformation to a Digital Utility and empowering customers.